Frequently Asked Questions

Millwork Adhesives

1What are the differences between the water resistant and waterproofing adhesives? And Type I & Type II specifications?

ANSI Type I specification is qualified:
1” x 3” glued wood blocks assemblies are subjected to 4 hours boiling soak, follow by 20 hours, 145o F oven baking. Subsequently boil for another 4 hours and then quench immediately in running water. The bonds shear test MUST not delaminate.
Deccobond 155 meets ANSI Type I specification – waterproofing, suitable for exterior usages.

ANSI Type II specification is qualified:
2” x 5” glued wood blocks assemblies are subjected to 4 hours soak, follow by 19 hours, 120o F oven baking. Three cycles are repeated, and the bonds shear test MUST not delaminate. Deccobond 151 meets ANSI Type II specification – water resistant, suitable for applications subject to occasional moisture.

2Can I use white glue for dowel assemblies?

We recommend Deccobond 138 Dowel Glue, which is application-specific formulated for manual or automatic equipment doweling. Optimized viscosity for easy flow and feed, fast setting to reduce production time, and provides excellent bond strength for softwood, hardwood, particleboards assemblies.

3What is LEED®? Does Decco glue qualify for LEED® credits?

LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it’s a trademark of the U.S. & Canadian Green Building Council (USGBC & CGBC).

LEED® rating system is used to promote, qualify and certify sustainable development of buildings and installations. Decco products with the Canadian Green Building Council logo may be used to qualify for LEED® credits for building projects.

Flooring Adhesives

1What is the typical coverage of Deccobond Tongue & Groove adhesives?

The coverage is approximately 500 liner feet per 500 ml bottle based on a 2 millimeter glue bead. For example, for a typical 5" width Tongue & Groove engineered wood floor plank, the coverage is approximately 150 - 200 square feet.

2Can Deccobond 381 Gluedown Engineered Hardwood Flooring Adhesive be used to gluedown the floor underlay?

Yes, it’s commonly refer to as “double gluedown” or “double stick” installation. Deccobond 381 can bond to numerous floor underlayment surfaces, including but not limited to, smooth polysheet vapor barrier, polyfoam, metalized acoustic foam, vinyl backed acoustic foam, Teflon surface, EPDM rubber, reflective thermal barrier, cork, etc

3How much Deccobond 38 Wood Flooring Repair Adhesive do I need to repair the hollow spots?

Typical coverage for Deccobond 38 repair adhesive is 3.5 square feet per 500 ml (based on floor gap of 1/8 inch)

Packaging & Printing Adhesives

1What type of adhesive can I use to glue packaging box with window?

Packaging box with window is a great way to display products and enhance products marketing, especially in bakery and foods industries. Deccobond 300-series adhesives offer a range of options for gluing different types of films (low surface energy), including polypropylene (BOPP), acetate, and polyester to packaging boxes. Deccobond 300-series adhesives are also in compliance with the US Food & Drug Administration regulations for industries.

2Which packaging adhesive should I use for cold temperature environment?

Our customers in the frozen food & cold beverage industries often looking for a glue that meets both the wet and cold temperature storage for packaging containers and boxes. Decco 180-series adhesives are suitable for packaging that demand wet strength, cold and below freezing temperature performance.

3Can you customize adhesive with pigment?

We have the capabilities to incorporate different type of dyes and pigments to adhesives for customers’ specific applications. In addition to that, fluorescent colorant, as an adhesive feature, is also available upon request and can easily work in conjunction with UV light detection systems.

Construction & Waterproofing

1What type of sealers do you produce?

We manufacture solvent-free high performance sealers and waterproofing membrane suitable for interior and exterior applications. From commercial building exterior walls, below grade subfloor engineered hardwood gluedown floor installations, bath & shower, to industrial warehouse cement floors, Decco sealers & waterproofing membrane play a critical role in preventing moisture and water intrusions.

2What are the features and benefits of your sealer?

Decco sealers are formulated with proprietary high performance polymer. Both high gloss/mate finish formulations are UV stable and resist yellowing. It has superior tough & durable film properties which allow the cured film to seal & protect against water, stain, oil on surfaces such as concrete driveway, paver stones, bricks, masonry, etc. This high performance sealer not only prevents spalling and efflorescence but also provides a high sheen and enhances the color of the surfaces it protects.

3 How many coats are needed for waterproofing shower pan?

DECCO WLO 101–Water Lockout Waterproofing Crack Prevention Membrane is a liquid applied elastomeric waterproofing polymer designed to cure into a tough waterproofing membrane. For waterproofing shower pan installation, two full coats are needed. Prior to application, fill all voids & 1/8” cracks or greater and repair all high spots. Apply the first coat at a rate of 95-100 sqf for a uniform continuous film. Allow film to dry, typically takes 45 to 60 minutes. Inspect dried film continuity, fill additional voids with material. Apply the second coat at right angle to the first coat.

Packaging Supplies

1What is Kwik Wrap?

Kwik Wrap is a 4” bundling wrap with a snap-on handle. The bundling roll and the handle can move independently as desired when bundling objects. This ergonomic feature allows for quicker bundling of objects without twisting the wrist. The handle is also equipped with a soft handle for comfort, as well as film tension control in a compact and easy to use product. Great for bundling irregular shaped objects, long objects, moving, warehouses & shipping needs. The film is stretchable, cling to itself, no adhesive residues, form-fits to any shape of objects, and easy to remove after use.

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