Tenco Westech Polymers Inc. is a leading manufacturer of performance adhesive that combines superior products quality and high performance technology to serve a diverse range of industrial applications. Founded in 1989 as an adhesive company, supplying mainly to the wood and packaging industries, Tenco Westech Polymers Inc. has expanded to a wide range of products for wood flooring industry, construction industry, and specialized industrial products.

Our technical team with the most current industrial know-how ensures fast response to market demands and customers’ requirements. We can support our customers with customized products where needed. Our unique capabilities and customers relationships allow us to build strong partnerships to achieve optimal results.


Decco® is our trusted brand of high performance water based adhesives. Decco® products have superior and high performance product quality trusted by customers for over 30 years. All our products are manufactured in Canada. We care about the environment and our customers which is why we manufacture water based, solvent free (VOC compliant), user and environmental friendly adhesives. Since our products are emission free unlike solvent based, it means better indoor air quality and no pollution. We offer products for diverse range of industrial applications. Our products are available in different sizes: Pails, Drums and Tote.

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Our products are suitable for diverse range of industrial applications.


Tenco Westech Polymers Inc. Difference

  • 30+ years of industry expertise and innovation.

  • Strong partnerships and relationships with our distributors, wholesalers and customers.

  • Offering a wide range of products: adhesives, polymers, resins, films and packaging supplies.

  • We invest in R&D, technology and staff to create high performance and innovative products.

  • Manufacturing excellence, advanced custom products and process capability.

  • Environment friendly and sustainable products. Solvent free. VOC free. Non-toxic. Biodegradable.

  • Consistent quality. Consistent supply. Exceeds customer expectations.


100% Customer Satisfaction. 1,000s of satisfied and repeat customers.

  • Tenco Westech Polymers Inc., with the technical expertise and manufacturing know-how helps us develop and deliver high volume products to the market in a shorter time, lower cost, and higher performance.
    Stanley K., VP of global construction material supplier, Richmond
  • After switching from US adhesive supplier to Tenco Westech Polymers Inc., they helped us overcome our logistical challenge during the winter months for our temperature sensitive adhesive.
    Jack W., Purchaser of printing company, Vancouver
  • Consistent quality and supply of BesWrap stretch wraps and Decco adhesives day in, day out for the past 10 years; they exceeded our expectations, thank you!

    Andy B., President of wood working & hardware supplier/distributor, Surrey


Tenco Westech Polymers Inc. is a leading global supplier of Films & Packaging Supplies. We offer a variety of films such as Hand Stretch Wrap, Machine Stretch Wrap and Banding Wrap.

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